Foods with hidden flours/foods and gluten

If you have celiac disease, then you’re probably well-aware of what you can and can’t eat.  Numerous websites are thorough about listing foods that do have flour and/or have gluten, plus several foods that may have flour and/or gluten.  But I’m especially intrigued by the foods with hidden flours that the rest of us aren’t aware of, anyone from people who are fairly gluten intolerant or have wheat allergies, and so have a good idea of the more obvious foods–to those who are generally unaware of their flour or gluten intake and how it affects them.

Try testing your gluten awareness with this quick quiz:

Which of the following foods contain wheat and/or gluten?

  1. couscous

2.baked beans


Now don’t cheat- come up with your own answer before I give it away- it’s more fun that way!  The answer then is…drum roll…all of the above.  Yep, for me, learning that licorice contains gluten was quite a surprise; common sense would suggest that most licorice is made of food coloring, flavoring, corn syrup and sugar, but they somehow get gluten in there as well.  What’s my point then?  Well, it’s that people who may have gluten and/or wheat sensitivities may be unknowingly indulging in a food with hidden flours on a regular basis, and in turn contributing to some mild- to medium health issues – niggling ones that are bad enough to make an overall difference, but not bad enough so that you notice them the morning after eating – that they could turn around with just a slight alteration in the diet.

Inadvertent consumption of foods with hidden gluten

We all could be undergoing some form of inadvertent wheat/gluten consuming as we speak, and not be at all aware of it.  I for one frequently forget that even though I’ve mainly cut out wheat-based cereals from my diet, I’m still taking in a little bit of wheat from every bowl of Kashi Go Lean that I eat.  And for those of you who frequently like to partake in sushi, that soy sauce you’re dipping into has gluten in it as well.  Having one food with gluten may not affect you on its own, but it’s good to be aware of  foods with hidden flours if you often have wheat/gluten in other parts of your diet.

As a resource, I quite like the list from Mama’s Gluten Free of various surprising foods that contain gluten.  The more you know, the more empowered you are, even if you’re not wheat or gluten intolerant…for now.  Keep in mind that that can always change.  It does for many of us.

lastly, let me just add this:

Licorice?  Really??!

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