Why it’s OK – even great – to be a persnickety eater

Lucy of free from (gluten), a U.K.-based blog, was kind enough to host a recent post of mine.

It was inspired by an interview with Erin McKenna, the woman behind the popular gluten-free bakery BabyCakes, that was conducted by Brendan from the public radio show The Dinner Party Download.  One of the things they discussed was gluten-free eaters, how they tend to be “persnickety” and why.  As a quick synopsis, my conclusion is that this is not only a good thing, it’s also the direction we’re moving in as civilized human beings.  Why eat processed, chemical-laden, non-organic foods when you can choose healthier, more environmentally sound ones?

Please take a look at my “persnickety” post on being .  And thank you Lucy!


photo: Crazy Creatures (Flickr)

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