Healthy Gluten Free Pancake Recipes 2017

One of the most obvious and popular reasons to go with a no flour diet is because we’re starting to recognize that, regardless of your ability to eat anything when you were growing up, as an adult it’s possible to develop an allergy to wheat, among other foods.  A specific related phenomenon you may have heard about is called celiac disease, which is essentially when one has an allergy to gluten, a protein which is found not only in wheat and wheat flours, but also exists in soy sauce (even tofu served at some vegetarian restaurants winds up being lightly coated in wheat/gluten).   What does this have to do with healthy pancake recipes, then?  Maybe you can see where I’m going, so don’t worry, I’m getting there.

My mom was diagnosed with celiac disease several years ago, after years of doctors not knowing what was going on with her (this was before the disease became relatively widely known). I don’t have celiac disease myself, but a few years ago, I recognized some mild wheat allergies that became irritating enough to get me to try cutting wheat out of my diet, and with the exception of the occasional piece of bread or pasta when eating out, I’m virtually wheat-free at home.

Cutting out wheat/gluten has both helped with my mild allergy, and caused me to shed a few extra pounds, even though I was pretty thin to begin with.  The takeaway, then, is this: anyone who is interested in losing some unnecessary bulk from their bodies will find that removing gluten from their diets is a tremendously efficient way to lose weight quickly.

How I’ve come to love the prevalence of healthy pancake recipes

As a gesture of support for my mom, my dad – who’s always been a big pancake aficionado – began to seek out healthy pancake recipe mixes that were gluten free. There are a good half dozen or so gluten-free pancake products out there, and without question the best that i’ve ever had is Pamela’s Baking & Pancake Mix.

You really can’t go wrong if you follow their recipe. The fact that it’s not as simple as just adding water means something here…this is a case of quality through ingredients: it’s hard to trust pancake mixes where you just add water, because that probably means more chemicals, in addition to dehydrated or otherwise-dried eggs.  Pamela’s has no added sugars (just a small amount from the brown rice and/or the sweet rice flours, I imagine), and is totally upfront about the possible allergens included:  buttermilk, almonds, and potato.  If you’re clear with those allergens, then I couldn’t recommend Pamela’s more for a healthy pancake recipe.  If you’re vegan- I feel your pain, and am on the hunt for a vegan – AND sugar-free – recipe that tastes great, so please direct me if you have a recommendation.

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