No Flour No Sugar Diet

What’s your version of a No Flour, No Sugar Diet?

No Flour, No Sugar Diet first requires a quick clarification, because the name’s not meant to scare you:  when I say “No Flour” I mean no refined flours or gluten; and when I say “No Sugar,” I mean no refined sugars, which will come as a relief, since there are many unrefined sugars to use as alternatives.

A No Flour, No Sugar Diet is also a mindset, and a lifestyle, as much as it’s a diet.  I know to many of you this type of diet sounds extreme, but believe me:  it’s not nearly as hardcore as it sounds.

I take into consideration the fact that you will inevitably consume refined sugar – and even more likely, refined flour – as you live your life.  But you can be smart about your choices, eat healthier, and still be satisfied.

Refined Sugar vs. Unrefined Sugar

What do we mean when we say “no sugar,” (or “no flour”)?  We typically mean no REFINED sugars, or no REFINED flours.  ”Sugars” can of course be found in fruit and even many vegetables, but refined sugar is a whole other story.  The most common example of a refined sugar is table sugar, aka granulated sugar.  Other manifestations of refined sugars are in high fructose corn syrup, and, even more sneakily, “organic evaporated cane juice,” which is still, even though organic, a refined sugar.
One key resource for cutting down on refined sugars is by replacing them with healthier, Unrefined Sugars. I’m certainly not insisting a zero-tolerance policy — no sugar or flour ever — but the more you can reduce your intake of each, the better off you’ll be.

Unrefined (or gluten-free) flours

So what’s so bad about refined flours and refined sugars, you ask?  The simple answer is: they’re unhealthy. And it’s primarily because they’re the greatest contributors to weight gain.  “Everything in moderation” is sage advice, but the tricky thing about refined sugars and flours is that they’re addictive: it’s challenging eating them in moderation.

I’m here to introduce you to specific products that have minimal or no refined flours, specifically products that have no wheat flours or gluten, including healthy pancake recipes that are gluten-free, as well as protein/granola bars that are both gluten and sugar-free, in my protein bars reviews

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