Sugar and Yeast Infections

Though it may not be at the top of the list of causes of yeast infections, sugar is cited frequently as a possible, even likely, contributor. For some women, there is a definite connection between how much sugar is in their diet and how frequently yeast infections occur.  One thing that’s clear is that yeast likes sugar a lot- it feeds off of it, in fact.

Meanwhile, whether male or female, when we eat lots of sugar, we crave even more of it (my personal experience suggests that women tend to crave sugar more than men, but I’m not saying that’s a rule or medically proven).  With yeast infections comes a craving for more sugar, but not just your typical refined sugars, also breads and alcohol.  And the more sugars (in whichever form) consumed, the more likely a yeast infection will persist.

Warding off yeast infections through sugar control

So it’s clear that one of the most controllable factors in warding off yeast infections is diet.  Whether you’ve already had a yeast infection(s) at some point in your life, or have been lucky enough to avoid them thus far, isn’t knowing that keeping your sugar consumption in check will dramatically lessen your odds of acquiring one enough to make you limit your daily intake?  And not to try to scare you, but a more advanced state arising from an overconsumption of sugars can lead not just to diabetes, but even to Candida, a diet even more restrictive than diabetes:  on a Candida diet, one is permitted the most minimal allowance of sugars (and even then only modest proportions from a few select fruits) and very few carbs, making it a diet that’s very challenging to maintain.

But I don’t want to be an alarmist.  Just remember that in order to avoid needing to seek out the latest in effective yeast infection treatments, pay close attention to your sugar intake, and do what you can to keep it at a bare minimum.

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